Talents and Skills

Youth Center
Age 15-34 Musandam Governorate
3D Printing Musandam

A training program in the field of engineering design and 3D printing, during which the participants go through all stages of 3D printing by dealing directly with design programs and 3D printers.

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age 20-34 Dhofar Governorate
Try-out a skill (Designing in SketchUp software)

A program to train the youth in the interior and exterior designing of houses. It is a required skill for engineers and decor designers and architecture enthusiasts.

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Age(15-34). Dhofar Governorate
Try-out a skill (publish an idea)

A program aimed at authors to publish their work.

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Preferred to be accompanied by a family member Muscat Governorate - Youth Center MGM
Clay Modelling for youth with down syndrome

A month-long training program in the art of clay modeling.

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Age(15-34) Al Batinah South Governorate
Graphic Design in Wilayat Musanaa

An art or a form of visual communication that combines pictures, words and ideas to relay information to the audience, especially to get a specific response. It's also a way to transfer ideas through visuals and artistic designs.

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Age(15-34) Muscat Governorate - Youth Center MGM

Voiceover is considered an integral part in many aspects of life. Since the voice is crucial to relay messages and influence feelings. In Oman, we are currently witnessing the advancement in artistic production. Sound is of great importance in this field, which is why we need a development in the voice sector and especially, voiceover.

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